JT Schultz
Author, Screenwriter
& Producer


The Lovers, The Dreamers and The Writer

In Chinese folklore, the blue rose signifies hope against unattainable love. 
Traditionally, the flower signifies mystery, attaining the impossible and the never-ending quest for the impossible. 

With that said...

When I started out in 2006 into the realm of eBooks (*cough* a supposed fad and not really publishing), “self promotion” and “branding” were the hot terms.

What represented me? A lot, too much to put in a catch phrase or even represent with pictures.

I had always loved the blue rose. Delving further into the meaning, I smiled knowing, nothing else could capture me, or my writing as simple or with the elegance of this unusual flower.

Welcome to my website, here you can find out more about me, my projects and explore not only romance, suspense, and the paranormal, often with laughter along the way, but sometimes—the unbelievable.

After all...

The best part of a romance...is the happily ever after!

~ Blessings,


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